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8 main causes of Depression and 10 ways to overcome Depression.



8 main causes of depression and 10 ways to overcome depression

There are 8 main causes of depression and 10 ways to overcome depression but first of all, lets take a look at the meaning of depression.

What is Depression?

Depression can be you feeling lonely, hurt by an event or someone being emotional. It could be from an experience from your childhood or encounter with someone, it is the act of being down emotionally and mentally.

Having known what depression is all about, now let’s look at the causes of depression.

  • Low income or financial status

Having no or little income can lead to someone being unhappy, because you can not afford the things that you wish to have and that is not so cool especially when there are lots of responsibilities to handle and family to look after.

In this current economic situation where the cost of goods and services are on a high price not being able to feel among in the presence of people with wealth and class or provide for your basic needs, can lead to you being down.

Thinking about bills like :Children’s tuition fee, Water bill, Light bill, Gas etc.

  • Loneliness

Depression can be as a result of loneliness and isolation.

For example

The aged individuals that are either divorced or separated from their spouse or loved ones and are living alone in a large apartment, there is %99 possibility of them being depressed due to loneliness.

  • School /college

From the recent reports from schools and the universities in the world, reports of students committing suicide over low grades, no funds to pay for your tuition/school fees have led to serious depression and suicide in the lives of students.

Depression rate in a country like Nigeria where the educational sector of the country is now a means of exploiting people, parents and stay with expensive school fees, lecturers are determined on frustrating the students even after preparing for an examination with high hope that he or she is going to have an excellent result.

And when the results comes out, you see a low grade like “F” or “E” instead of A, B, or C, which you expected and set out for yourself to get.

Situations like this can lead to depression.

  • Peer group influence

Having lots of friends can be fun, but at the same time be a reason for your depression. The reason being so is because you get to see a lot of things and know two much negative or positive things. Imagine having some group of friends that own luxurious houses, cars, expensive designers shirts like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and some many more and you do not fit in anyway in that category of friends.

But for some unknown reasons they are your friends

With time you will begin to feel left out and want to feel among, by the time you can not meet up you’d begin to feel depressed because you can not do the things your friends do or drive the kind of expensive cars they drive.

  • Illness and Disease

Not being healthy can be very alarming and disheartening because you don’t get to do the things you used to do or eat the kind of food you love eating.

You keep on having mood swings and sometimes feel empty inside of you, you feel that people want you dead, that they do not love you. And sometimes their sympathetic look makes you feel “oh i am not going to make it alive”.

You even go as far as isoilating yourself from people or people not giving you the medical and emotional attention you wish to have. You also not having the money to get medical help can lead to depression and sometimes early death.

  • Physical Environment

Your physical environment can also be the reason for your depression. In a situation where you live in an area where everybody in that area are all black Americans then you suddenly migrate to a new environment that consists of white Americans living in that area. And you get bullied or looked down at because your skin color is black. Not being able to secure a good job because the white folks do practice racism. Being exempted in the activities of the community.

This can become a problem for you

In nigeria for example. Imagine a man who earns 200,000.00 naira a month moving to lekki in lagos to live and the environment consists of top wealthy celebrities that owns luxurious cars and not to talk of the “high cost of living in lekki lagos.

  • Anxiety

Being excited is a good thing, but you having that feeling of anxiety, high hope or expectations for something is not advisable. Because if at the end that thing which you had high expectations for might not just work out at that time you expect it to, or it might not work out at all.

Having high hopes without being so sure it’s going to work out as planned can lead to depression.

  • Sexual Dissatisfaction

Having sex plays an important role in our live health wise. Sex is not just for fun and excitement, having sex frequently have been proven medically to prevent prostrate cancer in men.

There are cases of husbands not being capable enough to satisfy their wife sexually or get her pregnant maybe due to some health issues.

When a woman is not getting the sexual attention and pleasure she desires to have from her husband or lover. She begins to feel depressed especially knowing the fact that she can not go have it elsewhere with someone else order than her man.

Above are the 8 main causes of depression, now let’s look at 10 ways to overcome depression.

  1. Try to go out often according to your pocket size.
  2. Avoid staying in expensive environments that you cannot afford.
  3. Keep yourself busy with work.
  4. Listen to some cool music and dance along.
  5. Avoid negative friends.
  6. Learn to love yourself and appreciate yourself
  7. Stay healthy by eating healthy foods.
  8. Do not go into a relationship with high expectations, nobody is perfect and avoid toxic relationships.
  9. Have sex more often if it makes you feel happy. (18+)
  10. Go for things that you can afford, avoid fake live and buying things on credit, avoid taking loans that you have no means of paying back.
8 main causes of depression and 10 ways to overcome depression
Depression is real and can kill you slowly

Here are 8 main causes of depression depression and 10 ways to overcome depression. Written by GEORGE BLESSED.

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