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The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has accused the management of the University of Abuja (UNIABUJA), and some other universities of admitting candidates illegally in the ongoing 2020/2021 admission exercise. This was contained in a statement signed by JAMB’s head of the Public Affairs and Protocol unit, Fabian Benjamin.

According to the statement, the university (UNIABUJA), among other unnamed institutions, is reportedly issuing admission letters to candidates without recourse to JAMB.
JAMB is the body statutorily empowered to issue admission letters to successful candidates of universities, polytechnics, colleges of education and monotechnics in Nigeria.
The examination body said only admissions offered to candidates through its Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS), which was introduced few years ago, are authentic.
The statement, which is titled; “Caveat Emptor: Illegal Admissions by some Institutions,” reads as follows:
“The attention of the Board has been drawn to the illegitimate admissions purportedly being conducted by some universities, including the University of Abuja. These universities have been reported to be issuing admission letters to candidates without recourse to the Board. It is, therefore, pertinent to state that such admissions that have not been proposed, approved nor accepted on the Central Admissions Processing System(CAPS) are null and void, and as such, asking hapless candidates to pay acceptance fees for such admissions that had not been processed through CAPS amounts to illegality.
“Consequently, such admissions are illegal, unacceptable and offensive to extant rules and regulations guiding admissions to tertiary institutions in Nigeria as approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and provided on CAPS.
“It would be recalled that the Board instituted CAPS in 2017 as an automated platform designed to ensure that admissions are transparently done to protect the interest of all Nigerians desirous of tertiary education.
“The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), therefore, advises all candidates not to accept any admissions that are not provisioned on CAPS. By implication, any candidate who has not accepted and printed his/her admissions letter on CAPS should not pay any acceptance fee as any admission done outside CAPS is an illegitimate admission that would not be sanctioned by the Board.

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“It should be noted that admission guidelines stipulate that institutions recommend qualified candidates through CAPS in accordance with laid-down criteria to the Board for approval. As such, any such admission not approved by the Board is an exercise in futility.
“Any institution violating these well-intentioned guidelines has much to hide and the Board would not shy away from its responsibility of ensuring compliance to laid-down admission guidelines. The Board will not relent in its efforts to ensure that no institution violates the extant admission guidelines.
“Candidates are advised, in their own interest, not to accept such admissions done outside the purview of JAMB nor pay any acceptance fee as such admissions will never be allowed to stand.”

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In this post, we shall provide the revised NABTEB May/June 2021 timetable




Monday 14th June 2021
Chemistry paper1 objective and essay
(9: 00am – 11:30am)

Literature in English
(12:30pm – 2:30)

Tuesday 15th 2021
Physics paper1 obj and essay

Financial accounting obj and essay

Wednesday 16th June 2021
Biology paper 1 Obj and essay
(9am – 11:20am)

Commerce Obj and Essay
(1pm – 4:20pm)

Office practice Obj and essay
(1pm – 4:20pm)

Salesmanship obj and essay
(9am to 12:20pm)

Thursday 17th June 2021
Agricultural science paper 1 Obj and essay
(9am – 11:30am)

Saturday 19th June 2021
Animal science paper 1 Obj and essay
(9am – 11:30am)

Literature in English paper II Drama and poetry
(3:40pm – 5:40pm)

21st June 2021
Mathematics paper I Obj
(9am – 10:30am)
Mathematics paper II Essay
(10:30 – 1pm)

ICT Paper obj and essay
(3pm – 5:40pm)

22nd June 2021
English language paper I Obj/test of oral
(9am – 10:40am)
Essay writing comp. and summary

Civic Obj and Essay
(3pm – 5:30pm)

23rd June 2021
Further mathematics paper I Obj
(9am – 10:45am)
Further mathematics paper II Essay
(10:45am – 12:45pm)

Government obj and essay
(1pm – 3:30pm)

24th June 2021
CRS obj and essay
(12 noon – 2: 30pm)

Islamic studies obj and essay
(12noon – 2:30pm)

Friday 25th June 2021
Economics obj and essay
(9am – 12:20pm)

Geography paper I Obj and essay
(3pm – 6pm)

Monday 28th June 2021
Physics Paper II Practical
(9am – 11:45am)

Tuesday 29th June 2021
Chemistry paper II Practical
(9am – 11am)

Wednesday 30th June 2021
Biology paper II Practical
(9am – 11am)

Friday 2nd July 2021
ICT Paper II Practical
(9am – 12noon)

Monday 5th July 2021
Agricultural science paper II
(9am – 11am)

Wednesday 7th July 2021
Geography paper II (PRACTICAL and phy. Geography)
(9am – 11am)

Thursday 8th July 2021
Animal science paper II Practical
(9am – 11am)

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Just in: JAMB Extends 2021 UTME registration date

The registration for the UTME had earlier been scheduled to end on Saturday May 15, but with the look of things, it may now be extended to May 29, 2021.



JAMB C.R.K Syllabus 2020/2021 Latest Syllabus Update 2021/2022JAMB C.R.K Syllabus 2020/2021 Latest Syllabus Update 2021/2022

JAMB Extends 2021 UTME registration date

The paper gathered on Friday that the extension in registration and the shift in the commencement of the examination would be suggested to stake-holders by the Registrar, Prof. Isaq Oloyede, during a meeting scheduled for late Friday.

The registration for the UTME had earlier been scheduled to end on Saturday May 15, but with the look of things, it may now be extended to May 29, 2021.

The examination, which is computer-based, earlier scheduled for June 5-19, may now start on June 19 and terminate on July 3, 2021.

However, the mock exam would still hold on May 20, and it is a voluntary exercise for interested candidates.


tSources told our corespondent that the steps became inevitable because as at Thursday night only about 1.3 million candidates had registered for the exam.

This is a far cry from the expected figure of over 2 million candidate
Last year, 2.1 million candidates sat for the same exam.

The problem with this year’s registration is the inability of many applicants to link their National Identification Number, NIN, to their applications.

Some of the candidates told our correspodent that they have spent thousands of naira on airtime without successfully linking their NIN to their applications.

The government made the NIN compulsory this year after the idea was jettisoned last year following hiccups that dodged getting the registration exercise.

However, the situation was exacerbated this year when the government made NIN compulsory for all Nigerians of registrable age.

Before now the National Identification Management Commission, NIMC, the agency saddled with generating NIN for the citizens, boasted that it was up to the task.

The Head of Corporate Affairs of NIMC, Mr Kayode Adegoke, had given the assurance that the agency would be up to the task, but the reverse seem to be the case now.

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Download summary and character analysis of the life changer by Abubakar Khadija Jalli

Download summary and character analysis of The LIfe Changer by Abubakar Khadija Jalli PDF



Many UTME candidates have been asking how can we download summary of the life changer, the life changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli summary, characters in the life changer. Hence, Schoolguides has provide a summary and character analysis of The LIfe Changer by Abubakar Khadija Jalli


The life changer is a debut novel which changes the narrative life on campus. The book expatiate more on the tenets of hope and redemption in the life of the youth. This is the first publication of the author, Khadija Abubakar Jalli and she tried to talk more on life in institution and that the female voice is making rebound on the parapet of African literary scene. The story focuses on the escapades of Salma and her roommates in the university as they swim in the turbulent and seamy tides of the academia. The author used her book as a voice to the youth and aspirants of different institution on the life on campus. The book is indeed a life changer as it’s a voice to Nigerian youths.

Table of Contents

    The novel began in the family’s house while the children (Teemah, ,Jamila, Bint)of the family were waiting for their father, they were gisting among themselves. Their mother – Ummi who didn’t want to eavesdrop on her children private discussion had no other choice than to do so as the laughter of her children were so arresting. Her last born, Bint was telling her elder sister her encounter with their meddlesome social studies teacher, Mallam Salihu who was presume to boast of knowing French. Bint said that the teacher asked for the greeting – “good morning” in French which she got and also asked the teacher the meaning of the complement “that’s very good.” To be so sacarstic, she said the teacher and to bring French teacher to help him out. Their mother tried to correct their instinct about the teacher as she herself is also a teacher.

    READ : Likely questions and answer from the life changeer

    While the discussion was still on, the first and only boy of the house, Omar entered the room showing his mood of happiness as he had been given admission to study law at the Kongo Campus of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. Omar was boastful of his hard work and infact asked his siblings to address him as “my learned brother.” Omar warned that no one should tell their father before he does as he wants his father to upgrade his phone as promised. The mother also said that there will be a grand celebration. The family left the room after their discussion due to the fact that the room was being stuffy as there was no power supply. The family went to the court yard where they continued their discussion, the first born; Omar gave brief explanation of his success. He said that “he passed his SSCE examinations, by no means of small feat.” This he explained as being able to defend his result in which he had seven credit including Mathematics and English, unlike those who did theirs in Miracle Centres where there is high rate of examination malpractice. He also acknowledges his effort of being able to score 230 in his JAMB Examination. Teemah came in with the Zobo drinks as demanded by the family members. Their mother decided to tell her children a story which she titled “the life changer” in respect to Omar’s admission.


    Ummi began her life story of admission. She made it clear that she was able to go the school under the “condition of getting married first.” She got married before going to her institution. While narrating, her children were interrupting and she tried to caution them.

    Ummi proceeded to telling her children about her experience on the first day in the institution. She narrated the story of the unfortunate Salma who Bad-mouthed the lecturers and comparing the police men to be better than them. She was being interrogated by a man whom she never knew was the registrar at that point. It became a thing of shame when she found out. Ummi also narrated her experience with the Head of Department (HOD) who was Dr. Samuel Johnson by name. She narrated that Mr Samuel Johnson really made her feel uncomfortable as she thought of what Salma said earlier and wonder if it could be true. She tried her best to escape the situation by all cost. She narrated her experience in the institution to her husband after his arrival. However, to a great shock the HOD was a friend of Ummi’s husband who had helped with the admission of Ummi into the university/institution.



    Ummi noted that her children have a lot of question to ask and so se relaxed he speech. Omar asked her to narrate the story of “the quiet one” which she had earlier said her husband told her the night of her first day in the institution. She narrated the story of Talle who was categorized as a quiet one not from birth but at the age of twenty when the he lost his father and step mothe5r. talle lost his mother from birth and so he was given the name “Talle.” His father remarried and due to infertility the new wife took Talle as her own son. When Talle was twenty years old he lost his father and stepmother and since then had been quit and so was given the title “the quit one.”

    Ummi narrated to her children the shocking incident which surrounded Talle. She said that Talle was suspected of new activity which was not of his before. His customers reported him to Hakimi, the district head that he buys more than he can eat i.e. buying double of what he do buy before. He was called upon but he gave baseless excuses. The matter surrounding his suspected acts began to unfold as a set of police men went to Hakeem’s house to ask for Talle. Zaku, who was caught trying to take ransom for the son of the businessman whom they kidnapped and kept him in Talle’s house. No one expected Talle to be involved in such obnoxious act. Talle who was a driver by occupation and his accomplices were sent to years imprisonment. Ummi ended this aspect of her story and Omar asked why she said it is mostly beneficial to him. She explained that it is beneficial to him since he is moving to the institution. She gave him a piece of advice that he should be careful of whom he trust and the company he keeps in the institution.



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