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  • He’s Jealous

jealous when he sees another man hug you. One is normal, and the other is not . If he ’ s constantly accusing you or getting mad over the smallest thing – for instance a guy texting you about tomorrow’ s homework or you going out for a night with your girlfriends- you need to take a hike . His jealousy is only going to get worse , and it could lead to some serious problems down the road .

  • He Won’ t Compromise

A relationship is ALL about compromise . You should be willing to compromise with your partner at all times to ensure the both of you are happy with the situation . But let’ s say your guy refuses to compromise , and you’ re always left unhappy or disappointed? Let ’ s say he feels like it ’ s ‘ his way or the high way ’ , like he has some kind of entitlement and your opinion or feelings don ’ t matter ? Wow , that ’ s just rude, and if he ’ s not willing to compromise with you in any situations , then he clearly doesn ’ t care about you or respect you. You’ re not going to win this battle , so I ’ d suggest you stop and move forward with your life.

  • He’ s Sneaky

He hides his phone every time you ’ re around him, and he won ’ t tell you who he ’ s on the phone with . He comes home late from work and won ’ t tell you why , and something seems odd about the ‘guys night ’ he planned , because all of his friends are home . Who wants to be with someone who ’ s sneaky ? Sneakiness can only mean one thing , and one thing only : they ’ re doing something you wouldn ’ t approve of. There ’ s no other way around it . If your guy is acting sneaky , I ’ d trust your gut and intuition and find someone who can be open and honest with you about everything.

  • He’s Constantly Trying to Get Sexual

You ’ re out on a date at the movie theaters and he won ’ t stop trying to make out with you during the movie . You just got done eating dinner and he ’ s immediately trying to get you to come home with him. All of your text messages are sexual in nature . Ladies , if he can ’ t have a conversation with you or keep his hands off of you for more than 5 minutes at a time, he ’ s probably out to use you. Hugs and showing gentle affection is one thing , but acting like a hound dog who needs a fix every five seconds is another .

  • Your Friends/Family Don’t Like Him

I know we don ’ t usually like to admit it, but our friends and family are almost ALWAYS right about the person we ’ re dating. If your gal pals and your mother hate his guts , then you should probably listen to them . They dislike him for a reason, whether it ’ s something he ’ s done to you or a way he has acted . And if he ’ s completely disinterested in impressing and winning your loved ones over , that ’ s a big red flag too !

  • He is Closed Off

Some people are not as open and upfront as others and it takes a little while to really dig deep into their emotions and feelings . But if he is completely closed off and won ’ t even show an ounce of affection or let you in on a little bit of his life , this poses a major problem. For one, he could be hiding something . For two, he may never let you in and you’ ll never get to know the person behind the mask . Either way , you don ’ t want to waste too much time and energy on anyone that has no intention of letting you in.

  • You Only See Each Other at Night

Have you ever seen your boyfriend in the light of day? Or does he seem to have date nights planned especially late at night , say past 9 o’ clock ? It might not seem like a big deal , but let’ s face it : it ’ s a common understanding that when a guy only hangs out with a girl at night , he ’ s probably using her . That, or he is trying to hide her from his other girlfriend . Blunt but true , I know . If your guy only wants you during the night , there ’ s a huge problem.

  • He Doesn ’t Respect You

One of the most important aspects of a relationship is RESPECT; you respect him, and he respects you. There is no relationship without respect- no good one, any way . You should always be respected by your boyfriend , whether it’ s him respecting your decision not to do something or respecting you by not calling you names or hurting you intentionally . Respect is extremely important and I guarantee you won ’ t be happy in this relationship should you continue to pursue it. And don ’ t try to change him, either . Men who don’ t respect their lady right off the bat will most likely not change their tune , and you ’ d be much better off finding a man who will respect you without needing a reminder.

  • He ’s Moody

One day, he is prince charming . He ’ s showering you with love and affection and everything in his life seems perfect. He talks about how great his day is and how he can ’ t wait to take you out roller skating this evening. Everything ’ s great ! Then the next day, he ’ s gloomy ; like a dark rain cloud just came swarming through the rainbows and sunshine of yesterday . Suddenly he hates everything and barely wants to talk to you. His day was horrible and he cancelled plans with you. And guess what ? The next day he ’ s sunshine and daisies again ! Umm , just typing all of that out annoyed me ; I couldn ’ t imagine being in a relationship with someone who actually did this every other day! Girls, if he ’ s extremely moody , changing his mood every five seconds without warning , then you need to leave . This will get real old , REAL fast . Sure everyone has a bad day here and there , but someone who can ’ t keep their emotions in control the majority of the time is only going to be a nuisance.

  • He ’s Friends With His Ex

Sometimes – and I mean VERY rarely- is it okay to still be friends with an ex -boyfriend or ex- girlfriend . I mean, no matter what happened or how long it’ s been , there ’ s still some feeling. There ’ s history. If he is friends with ALL of his exes and chats it up with them all the time like it’ s no big deal, I ’ d probably leave . I mean , he should be moved on from his ex- girlfriends and have the focus on you. (And no, I ’ m not saying your man isn ’ t allowed to have female friends , just not exes !).
Have you ever had a bad boyfriend ? What did he do?

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