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It is so exciting when you are able to explore various colours for your hair. It is like a new you emerges each time you colour your hair. It is fun to keep reinventing yourself like that and on that note, there are certain things you should know.
1.Consider your hair colour
Some of us are not out to make a statement or do anything extraordinary with our hair. We just want to touch it a bit and so it always best to choose colours that are closest to our natural hair colour. Some of us have jet black or brown hair and so, something a shade or two lighter would do the trick.
2.Consider your complexion
This is very important. You wouldn’t want to choose a colour that does not complement your skin. If you are dark then know that sharp hues like orange, red etc. are not for you. Also, if you are light skinned, there are shades of blonde that still won’t do you justice so beware.
3.Try a wig
If you are still unsure of the right colour, simply try on a wig in that shade and see if it suits you.
4.Use the right hair products
That you coloured your hair does not mean you will stop washing it or maintaining it. Thus, get hair care products that will keep your hair from damage.
5.Buy more than you need
It is always better to be safe than sorry and so, buy more colour than you believe you will need. How frustrating it would be if you began colouring your hair only to have it finish mid-way! Happy hair colouring!

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