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Tips for getting pinklips this harmattan season



The weather is changing faster than we can keep track of. The days are extremely hot and some nights are no better. The body is in constant need of rehydration, so, we should, naturally drink more water. The lips are not spared from the brutal assault of the weather and as such need something to keep them soft and well moisturized. This is where you need a lip balm. In fact, you should always have one in your bag.

Making your own is fun and at least, you can be sure of what goes into it. Below is a super easy lip balm recipe you absolutely should try.
Honey based lip gloss
You need:
1. One tablespoon of honey
2. 1 tablespoon of Vaseline
3. ½ tablespoon of the desired flavor, e.g. vanilla or chocolate flavor.
4. Drops of preferred edible flavor essence, e.g. mango essence.
5. Food coloring (optional)
• Mix the honey and Vaseline in a bowl, and mix them until the mixture is well blended.
• Next, you want to melt the mixture. It is faster if you do so in a microwave.
• In another bowl, add the extract and edible essence. You can use more than one of either. Mix them thoroughly, and pour the mixture of flavors into the honey and Vaseline mix.
• Mix them very well until they form one smooth mixture. Pour into the container you want to store it in and refrigerate for at least half an hour.
• If you want a colored lip balm, add food coloring to the honey and Vaseline mixture until you have your desired color.
And, voila! You have your lip balm.

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