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Who are the Taliban



The Taliban in 2001 was removed from power in afghanistan by the US-led forces. who are the Taliban and their leadership structure? the group seized control of the country once again.

Who are the Taliban?

The capital of afghanistan, kabul is the last city to be attacked some months ago and the islamists took control over its territories.

The group was im direct contact with the US and both parties also had a peace treaty in February 2020. Which made united states to withdraw and the Taliban prevented attacks on US forces.

In the agreement stricked between both parties, other promises were made including not granting al-Qaeda or any other militant group to operate in the areas it controlled.

However, in the following year, the Taliban grouped targeted afghan security forces and its civilians. Which later spread across the country.

In 1990s, students in the pashto language emerged in Northern Pakistan and the soviet troops had to withdraw from Afghanistan.

Who are the Taliban and their leadership structure

Who are the Taliban and their leadership structure
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Im pashtun areas straddling Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Taliban made a promise to restore peace and security to enforce their own austere version of Sharia law.

The US-Taliban peace treaty of February 2020, tactics shifted from complex attacks to military outposts to a wave of planned assassinations, that terrorized civilians.

They took over Afghanistan in 10 days, taking their first provincial capital on 6th August. And were at the gates of kabul on 15 of August.

Thousands of people are on the run from their homes, running to the nearest neighboring countries.

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